It's time for your mobile website

Stay tuned for the next generation of mobile website builder

  • You can choose to publish your mobile site on your own domain or a subdomain of keenbuilder.mobi be generated upon create.
  • You can personalize your mobile site with KeenBuilder as much as you want.
  • We offer you free hosting for your the mobile site. You don't have to worry about montly hosting fees, bandwidth limitations or other technical problems.
  • If you have a lot of content or you just want to organize corectly the website information you can create with KeenBuilder unlimited pages.
  • For paying customers private pages can be build. Your visitors will be able to access these pages only if they pay a fee. Currently we integrate Paypal but upon request any Payment processor can be available for you.
  • You can easily convert a normal website to a mobile site just by extracting the information from RSS. This is ideal if you own a blog and you want people to read it also from their mobile devices.
  • Using this feature you can easily create media rich page design for your mobile website. You can easily upload and manage images and videos.
  • With KeenBuilder you can track daily the traffic from your mobile website.
  • Real-time preview of the mobile website during entire edit process.

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