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A platform is similar to a blank space that can be filled with various images, sounds, videos, texts, links, etc. Once filled, it acquires a unique meaning with a specific purpose for its users. Media Platform can be used in the building of new business, or it can be used as a marketing tool for already established firms.

Media Platform allows you to upload media files in real time/offline (images, videos, sounds and other files) and execute different functions like resizing, converting, encoding in mobile specific formats, capturing, and adding watermarks.

Content on Media Platform can be accessed through web interface or API (Application Programming Interface). It can be delivered to all kinds of mobile devices or integrated into third party web or mobile applications.

  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Global reach
  • Cross-Platform integration
  • Portability
  • Accurate statistics

Whether you are a content creator, content owner, content distributor, or an enterprise, Media Platform is a complete set of technologies that enables you to address user and business needs through an integrated platform. Media Platform makes it easy and affordable to deliver a high volume of images, audio and video content over IP networks to desktop/laptop computers, mobile phones/tablets,etc.

Media Platform responds instantly to audience events online, so your segments adjust instantaneously as customers make a purchase, visit a web page, or interact in any way with digital channels.

Improved economies of scale and reduced encoding, storage and management expenses, means radio and television broadcasters, content delivery networks, and other media enterprises save money, improve efficiency, and streamline workflows.

Cross-channel visibility. Precision messaging.

Getting to know your potential audiences is the first step in successful marketing. Media Platform offers information about your guests, how and on what device to reach them, and the value of your interactions with them. Learn what messages they respond to, what media they interact with, and the order that best impacts your business.

Access to real-time data across all channels also means you can forecast accurately.


There are many benefits to the server software including:

  • Reach any device with high quality live and on-demand audio and video
  • Scale across operating systems and architectures
  • Global reach


Media Platform software includes many diverse features that are designed to help you reach larger audiences, create engaging viewer experiences, and monetize

Media Platform enables you to deliver, transform, enhance, protect, integrate and manage your media files.

  • One-time content preparation for multiple platforms/networks.
  • Flexible monetization options.

For live uploading - Media Platform rids you of the hassle in operating multiple external resources by providing a single interface and common workflow for content ingestion, transcoding, segmentation, content protection and uploading

  • Authenticates usage through an external database that contains each subscriber 's viewing rights data and intelligently controls the CE/mobile device
  • Provides extensive analytics and reporting while enabling new opportunities for monetization.

Enjoy our media platform


username: demo-account
pass: demo123456

Delivery channels


Full bootstrap theme integration:


MRSS feeds can receive parameters in order for you to filter contents returned in response. All parameters should be sent in GET.

Demo RSS Media Feed
Feed URL: http://mpv2.sqnp.net/mrss/demo-media_feed/


3rd party systems can use MPv2 SQnP Main services by accessing API interface (http://mpv2.sqnp.net/_apis/main.php).
API access is available through API key and API secret which are given by MPv2 SQnP Main to all clients which want to use such connectivity. Content owners can give access to 3rd party systems to their content by defining new API keys (in Access > API access > Add API key).
There are currently two right levels defined in the system.
When content owner wants to import content or give full rights over the content to 3rd party systems, he/she will have to define an "Import" rights level API key.
If 3rd party system will only "read" content from platform, content owner will provide them a "Full read" API key.

Case Study

One of our clients requested the following: they needed to deliver multimedia content (wallpapers, videos) to mobile phones or websites.


  • The main problem was that the content needed to be available on almost all mobile phones models (different resolutions and compatibilities).
  • Our client needed to deliver their content to various devices and platforms in a secure and simple way.
  • In order to download the content, users had to pay using PayPal (U.S and UK user only) or via SMS payment.
  • Our client also needed a solution to build mobile sites on which to publish the content.
  • To advertise their content, our client requested a solution which would allow them to define rules and keywords.


  • In order to achieve this we used Media Platform as a storage tool capable of performing different actions such as resizing, converting, encoding in mobile specific formats, capturing and adding watermarks. For delivery options, we offered our client the possibility to access the content through RSS feeds, Media Platform API (Application Programming Interface) and content viewer accounts.
  • For payment & reporting, PR-RG (Payment Routing & Reporting Gateway) we provided our client with a solution for dealing and monitoring payments.
  • Using Keen Builder we developed a functional web site designed for mobile handsets.
All in One Solution - image

Advanced reporting

Complex API

All content can be accessed through web interface and API (Application Programming Interface), and can be delivered to any kind of multimedia device. Integration into third party applications is easily done using the two most popular formats XML or JSON.

Easy to integrate, Media Platform API offers you complex delivery methods for content that is organized in sets and channels.

Requested content or XML feeds are defined by descriptive sections, translations (if available) and media resources.

Media Platform report

A White Label Solution

A solution for all types of media content which can transcode media files
in most comon formats for mobile handsets, 3rd party web sites or other software applications

Why Media Platform

  • Media Platform ensures content provided by the client is automatically distributed to devices like cell phones, personal computers or laptops, tablets, and T.V. This allows the end user to access desired content anywhere they wish.
  • Multimedia content optimization enables user to access content from any platform/ device.
  • Secure connection between Media Platform and 3rd parties.
  • Receive notifications of new events (e.g. goal, match, summary) through RSS feeds or via "Get Updates API" method.
  • Import content manually or automatically from FTP servers or external sources.
  • Link between existent content entities provides semantic knowledge through sets and associations.
  • Media Platform aids your company in gaining ROI (multimedia content becomes more accesible to users).
  • Accessibility through a wide range of devices will familiarize consumers with your company and your brand

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