Payment Routing & Reporting Gateway

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PR-RG is a complex system connected to payment gateways (PSMS,IVR,Credit Card processors,Pay For it aggregators, PayPal) capable of generating reports for each type of transaction or user.

  • Acts as a SMS aggregator
  • Cross-Platform integration
  • Interconnectivity with payment gateways
  • Centralizes reports from multiple aggregators to a single reporting system.
  • SMPP Server and Client - act as a SMSC Aggregator
  • Cross-Platform integration
  • Interconnectivity with payment gateways

PR-RG provides a secure, reliable, and flexible connection between your business and your merchant account. Our secure payment gateway offers a variety of management and fraud prevention tools with flexible integration. The PR-RG gateway is a powerful application which is connected to payment gateways such as Credit Card processors, Pay For It, SMS aggregators, and PayPal, and provides tools for submitting and reporting transactions. Detailed and customizable reporting allows merchants to research transactions and better manage their business. The gateway also functions as a secure data storage center with numerous additional solutions for industry specific applications.

Extensive Reporting

The "Reports" function allows you to view all credit card Settlement Reports (Sales,Credits, etc.) by date, credit card number, order number, or by Customer ID.

"Transaction Reports" gives you information about any check based transactions you have made over a specific period of time. The "Export Orders" utility allows you to export sales data using several popular file formats.

Case Study 1

One of our past clients requested accurate, real-time reports about transactions processed through all PSMS, PFI and Credit Card accounts from all their four payment aggregators in a single report. In addition, they wanted to easily add or remove payment routes to/ from their system.


  • Our client needed to connect to all four systems, and to export all reports as CSV files.
  • Converting all four resulting CSV files into a common format and then merging all files in a single CSV report file is time consuming.
  • Our client requested that their users must be able to pay using PayPal (for U.S/ UK users) or via SMS payment, in order to download content
  • As this is a time consuming process, reports would not be temporally accurate because while exporting files from one system reports could have already change for another one.
  • Upon adding or removing payment routes to their system, our client had to always develop modules that would communicate with payment aggregator servers.


  • Our PR-RG system provided a real-time reporting interface with easy to use filter and export features. This allowed our client to immediately verify their income, grouped by aggregator, or as a report displaying a total for their entire income, regardless of how many aggregator payments were run through.
  • When implementing payment requests PR-RG offered one easy interface for all current or future aggregators, minimizing time spent when adding or removing payment routes.
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Case Study 2

Past client needed to run keyword driven competitions and auto-answering services in response to end-users' questions (e.g., about cars or properties for sale). Client requested that the end-user be able to receive information regarding the location of the advert (car or property).


  • Client would have had to rent a call center line with phone operators who would pick up calls made by potential customers. This would have meant more costs, and going over budget.
  • Call center operator would work only during office hours, (meaning no service outside of working hours)
  • Our client requested that their customers must be able to pay using PayPal (for U.S/ UK users) or via SMS payment, in order to download content


  • We assigned our client a bulk SMS route for outgoing SMS's and defined keywords in a system which automatically responds through SMS with details on the car or property. As this is an automated system, there is no service down time. Response is instant and end-user receives details about exact product he/she is interested in.
  • In case the end-user would like more details, they may request a sales representative to further inform them on the car or property.
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Become a partner

A Partner ( Reseller/Agent/Referrer) simply brings PR-RG any global prospective merchant from anywhere in the world. Since we focus on supporting higher risk merchants, you have real potential to earn significant revenue.


Easy to Use

  • A maintenance-free solution that rids you of the hassle of managing complex payment systems.
  • Useful for various types of companies, large or small
  • Manage and monitor remotely by simply signing into your portal online. Different roles and levels of permission are available.


Process transactions from any type of payment device


Our gateway solutions are tailored to support local requirements around the globe


Consolidate all types of payment processing and enjoy robust reporting and analytics. Keep operational costs in check!


Industries of Focus

PR-RG focuses on providing payment processing solutions for the following industries:

  • Forex
  • Adult entertainment
  • Travel
  • Pharmacy
  • Collections
  • Online casinos and gaming
  • Telemarketing
  • Replica products
  • Online auctions and debt services
  • E-wallet and E-cash
  • ISP and hosting services
  • Online dating services
  • Sport media

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